The beginning

If you are new here, welcome! I am new too, it’s exciting, I like new things.

This is my first blog post, well actually its my second as I stayed up last night playing with wordpress and trying to figure it out, and did this and this.

I have been wanting to join the world of blogging for some time but didn’t feel like I had much to contribute. However 2 things have happened this week to change that way of thinking. The first was something that was said to me at a conference last weekend and the second was a wise friend who pointed out that its better to try and fail than to never try at all.

I had booked into the conference and was planning on going there alone, sitting at the back and keeping a fairly low profile. However none of that actually happened due to a chance meeting at a zoo earlier in the year, but thats another blog for another day.

I was at the conference because in April 2013 our son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. If you stay around long enough you will probably learn more about SPD as we learn and share. But so far in our journey of searching for help and answers we have come across Sensory Integration Network, these are a whole bunch of lovely people who understand SPD and know what to do to help our kids. Last month I found out, from their website that they were holding a conference and a training workshop in a city only 2 hours from home. I can tell you wild horses would not have kept me from being there.

So as i went off on my weekend away I had kind of expected that there would be other parents like me, maybe people further along this journey that we have found ourselves on, I imagined meeting people with more experience who I could learn from and exchange stories. Everyone I met at the conference was lovely, and went out of their way to welcome and include me. But as it turns out, in so far as meeting other parents goes I was wrong, really wrong and so being a parent in a room full of professionals made me quite a novelty. Each time I was introduced to someone as being a parent, their reactions ranged from genuine surprise to total shock. I found this quite amusing, it’s funny because for the vast majority of my everyday life, being a parent makes me boring, it is not interesting or at all surprising it’s just something that i have in common with almost everyone, a kind of underlying reason for why we all stand together freezing on the schoolyard, why we are out watching Disney movies in the cinema at 10am on a saturday morning and why its ok to carry on for the rest of the day wearing a shirt with a food stain on it. Being a parent has never been something that made me stand out. Now i know that most of these surprised people were actually parents too, but most of them were there because its their job, i was there for a whole different reason because I was hungry to learn and desperate for more information.

As the conference came to an end I was approached by the editor of the magazine the network produces and asked if i would write an article for their publication. If you knew me during my school and university years you would know just how ironic this request is. Me yes Me asked to write a magazine article! At school I was scientist, not a writer, I loved everything to do with logical facts and figures, research and experiments, and I hated, no thats too mild a word, I loathed language and literature, writing and spelling. But what could I say? I mean these are the people who have changed our lives, they have given their whole careers to helping kids like our son to find ways to not just survive in the world but to succeed and to thrive, I owe these people my sanity, saying No was just not an option.

She had asked me to write about a day in our lives, a typical day in our household, Oh and there was a deadline, I had 3 days. Now never, in my wildest dreams had I thought that a typical day in our household would be an interesting enough subject that someone would want to print it in their magazine, people with primary school aged children don’t generally live very remarkable lives. But I had made a promise and I am good with deadlines so I got started. It was actually very therapeutic to put down in words the things we do each day, the things we have learnt over the last year the tiny changes we have made which make our sons life manageable and even enjoyable. I hope what I have written helps someone else, that’s if it even gets published, but even if it doesn’t actually get published I know writing it has already helped me, helped me to see that its ok to have a go, to try and to just start somewhere even if its not perfect thats ok. We are not perfect people or parents we are all on a journey, and today is the first step into my new blogging adventure.

Thanks for joining me, I hope you will come back again.


4 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. I found your blog both humble and moving. So pleased you were able to go to the conference and found it useful. Glad that the professionals there were alert to the invaluable contribution you could make too.

  2. I’m following with great interest! I’m not a parent and have never heard of SPD but looking forward to learning more. Any chance you’ll post the magazine article as another blog entry?

    • I hope so, the editor sent me an edited version to approve yesterday, I have asked her to match the kids names to the blog. She will send me a final version soon. I can’t put a link to the whole magazine because it’s a members only publication but I should be able to publish the text I have written. I just want to wait until after she has published first, but it’s killing me because I am so impatient.

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