Barbie volunteering at the animal shelter

I have just seen this post on the wall of a good friend on Facebook. I think it just about sums up all that it seems the world would want to teach our daughters about themselves.

It is funny when you see it at first, I admit I laughed out loud. But only because here, in the real world we know that it is way off the mark. As my friend says, it’s not exactly what I would wear to volunteer at the local animal shelter.

But how would Lillie or her friends know that? What does this image teach our girls? What message does it send to our daughters about their bodies and their value in society? Or far worse than that, what message does it send out to our boys about the place of females in society?

How do we as parents stem the tide of sexualisation of our children?

I don’t know the answer but I am working it out day by day.

When I was 7 like Lillie is now, I wanted to be an astronaut. The first british woman in space studied chemistry at a university in manchester, I was so impressed by this real woman that I followed in her footsteps, at least as far as getting a chemistry degree from Manchester. I still haven’t made it into space yet.

I desperately want to be able to pass these values onto my children, today I am going to let this little pink dress focus my attention on the task at hand.


Here is the link to the product, I think if I were writing the warning below I would have used stronger words…

Barbie® is sure to make a fashion statement at the local animal shelter wearing this gorgeous red and pink dress. Warning: Suitable from 3 years+. Not suitable for children under 36 months


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