Not dancing

One of the hardest things about having a child with Sensory processing difficulties is having to constantly explain it to everyone else who is  involved in his life. Also I am not an expert so it’s hard for me to teach others, and because I am not a professional they don’t always take me seriously.

However I am trying to help people to see Charlie’s behaviour in terms of his sensory processing, here is my attempt from this morning’s link book entry.

Last night Charlie’s teacher sent this message home

Charlie has had an unusual day, he has been very unwilling to participate in any activities. Is Charlie self-concious about dance? Thanks Mr D (class teacher)

this was my reply

Hi Mr D thanks for your note

I’m not sure about the answer to whether or not he is self-conscious but he doesn’t dance much at home. I have seen him dance with his sister in the bedroom on one or two occasions only. 

An occupational therapist we saw once said she was concerned that he had poor or delayed motor planning skills, maybe he needs more time to process the instructions he is being given?

Maybe you could think through the other sensory challenges of the dance session. Is the music too loud, or too deep? Charlie finds loud music or low/deep tones painful. Is the person giving the instructions new to Charlie, or are they talking in a loud voice that may come across as shouting? Is the room to large or too bright? Are his clothes comfortable? Are his socks inside out? Has someone messed with his hair? Is he hungry? 

If everything else is right and he still wont join in, I’m sorry I have no idea why. But thanks for giving him the opportunity to try anyway. 

This morning he has had 2 bowls of cheerios and milk so he should be less hungry than yesterday. He is also craving deep pressure input and has spent most of the morning hiding under a weighted blanket or begging various members of the family to lie on top of him and squish him. 

Thanks Charlie’s Mum


2 thoughts on “Not dancing

  1. It is good to know that I’m not alone in this! We discovered only yesterday that my little guy could also be suffering from SPD. We will be meeting with an occupational therapist soon to confirm. I wish you both the best!

    • Thanks so much, I’m so glad you found us, I remember feeling so alone in this but you really aren’t, there are lots of us out here. It’s great that you will get to see an OT soon. It totally changed our lives when we did, I pray that your’s will give you the insight and support we have had to make a real difference for your little man.

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