Moving the furniture

I love it when you meet another person who understands, I mean really gets it, because they have lived it, or are still living it. The kind of person who only needs to look at you and you know without words that they have been there and that they really, really understand.

This morning she was there, the only one other parent I ever see when dropping Charlie off at school. I don’t know why their child is in the assessment unit with Charlie, but I imagine that our boys share many of  the same difficulties.  Most of the other families have opted to accept the offer of free home to school transport which comes with special education. We declined it because we felt that he was so young and also that it made his day unnecessarily long. Besides the times for drop off and pick up were difficult as we had to take Lillie to her school at the same time.

Because Charlie is in the assessment unit, we take him into the school through a separate entrance, although we see the mainstream kids and their families they use a different way in and out. So its just us and Sean’s parents who sometimes meet if we happen to arrive at the same time, which we did today.

While we were waiting to hand our boys over Charlie’s teacher Mr D came out and  informed us of the new building project, an extension which is to be built over the half term break to make the classrooms bigger. He said that they had already begun moving the furniture in the classrooms, and so instead of focusing on  teaching the children academic stuff this week they would be focusing on helping them to cope with the change and remain calm and happy.

I love this guy, I love that he knows in advance that moving the furniture without notice is not something that you can just do. I love that his priority is helping the kids to remain calm and be able to cope with the change well. I told him that that was great, as far as we were concerned that our priorities were the same, that the kids manage well and are helped to stay calm and happy throughout the change, they can learn about rocket science another day.

Sean’s Mum looked at me, our eyes met so quickly and we exchanged the smile, you know, the one that carries more meaning than a thousand words.

And right then I knew that I was with someone who gets it.


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