ARFID and The Very Real Fear of Food

A very powerful video, with a great explanation of how this very real disorder affects people’s lives.

Mealtime Hostage

Last night, Amber Scott appeared on ABC’s documentary show 20/20 and explained her dysfunctional relationship with food to the viewing public.

ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is one of the new additions to the DSM, and still has that unique strange affliction stigma attached to it. Even among the medical and psychiatric community, it is poorly understood. Amber did a great job explaining how difficult it is to get past the sensory qualities of food, and illustrates the potential for long term issues with food when children and parents are not properly supported with feeding.

Unfortunately, 20/20 made it a priority to zero in on the one food Amber feels most comfortable with, dismissing a very real fear of unfamiliar food as an “addiction” to French fries. It looks like the selective eating community shall endure that pungent stigma smell for a little while longer.

Amber is very…

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