ESIC 2017 Workshop : Ayres’ Sensory Integration beyond Childhood

Ayres’s Sensory Integration is not just for children, have a look at this post from Sensoryproject1 to find out more

Sensory Project

IMG_1961.JPGAyres’ Sensory Integration (ASI) is increasingly being used with older adolescents(16+), adult and older adult clients. However adult specific research about the effectiveness of Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy (ASIT) with this age group is limited. Single-subject experimental designs (SSEDs) may provide clinicians working with small and varied case loads with a means to demonstrate if ASI is effective in improving participation in every day life. Meta-analysis of SSEDs is recognized as a possible means to support the development and implementation of evidence-based practice. 

Our workshop described the application of ASI with adults, describing acceptable, age appropriate assessment and intervention approaches and treatment spaces that meet Ayres’ SI Fidelity. Through the use of case study, the workshop explored assessment and intervention methods and outcome measurement tools currently used with adult clients receiving ASIT.

The use of the Quality of Life Inventory, tools from the Model of Human Occupation, Goal Attainment Scaling…

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